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Discover the secrets to long-term health!

Dr. Gerry Pan is thanked by yet another happy and satisfied customer.

Dr. Gerry Pan is thanked by yet another happy and satisfied customer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has more than proven its effectiveness and genuine ability to naturally treat and heal a wide range of ailments with long-term rewards and success. The increase of Australians turning towards traditional Chinese remedies and away from conventional medicine in the past five years has been astounding. And there is only one very good reason for this: because it works!

Acupuncture stands alone in its power to assist the body in recovering from aches and injuries, neck pain and asthma; impotence and food allergies; as well as acne and weight control.

But acupuncture is not the only traditional method being offered by Chineseway Health Centre's practitioners. You can benefit from their expert advice and treatment ability in:

  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Chinese massage
  • Qi-Gong therapy
  • Chinese medicated diet
  • TCM health tips and rehabilitation techniques

Gerry Pan (MD China) has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine practices. He holds a Bachelor degree in Medicine and a Diploma of TCM. Based on more than twenty years clinical experience and the reviewing of thousands of TCM literature, he has created a unique and highly efficient diagnosis system and treatment programmes. His specialised brand of service and know-how is appreciated and recommended by all his patients and clients who come to the Centre.

So, where can you start benefiting from TCM today?

The Chineseway Health Centre is located on the beautiful Gold Coast, in sunny Queensland, Australia. It was founded by experienced TCM practitioner, Gerry Pan, in the early nineties. The Centre is now operating out of two locations on the Gold Coast at Southport and Burleigh Heads. Mr. Pan and his team are dedicated to bringing convenience, service and ever-lasting health to the local community and visitors.

Mr. Pan and his staff welcome you, whether you are visiting one of the health centres in person, or contacting him via email or by telephone!


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